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The latest 16-inch laptop with the same size and the new design, smooth, elegant, but hidden with the processing power as ever.

You don't have to decide between a PC and a laptop
Because you can have both on the same device.

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2.7 kg
The thickness of 3.0 cm.
Can be used on battery for up to 6 hours.

Removable batteries.


Laptop for playing games... or for creating games?

MB gets a comparable performance with i9-10900 (10 Core, 65W Desktop) (14,500)
in the VRAY, the most popular rendering engine used by more than 60% of Architectural Visualization professionals.
It is up to 7% faster than more premium Ryzen 9 5900HS and 13% faster than Ryzen 7 5800H
and it is as fast as Threadripper 2920X (12C/24T) Desktop -
That is almost 8 minutes of productivity increase for every hour spent on rendering.

While most Gaming Laptops were designed for "gaming" nor a prolonged heavy CPU/GPU usage,
MB was designed with Power Users in mind with its superior cooling capability - even allowing
the CPU to run at 55W continuously - from the default 45W and up to 125W peak.

This higher TDP allow for higher boost clock, for a longer preiod -
so you no longer have to choose between portability and performance.

Read more: Why i7-8750H laptop does not work at 4.1GHz?



Laptop for playing games... or for creating games?

GG is now the number 1 champion, By running 3D rendering with the VRAY program.
Providing more than 27% higher performance compared to the bottom line of the same CPU model (i7-10875H), Perform 32% higher than the previous generation of GG,
And perform 60% higher than other i7-9750H.
The speed is comparable to Ryzen 2700 / i9-9900 CPU Desktop.
And performance is 10% higher than Ryzen 4800H at the highest score in the benchmark results

While most gaming laptops were designed for gaming, Not for a long time heavy processing,
But GG was designed to have excellent heat dissipation and high efficient power supply system,
Allowing the CPU to run at Boost speed continuously.
So you don't have to choose between the thin, light, portable, and efficient anymore.

Read more: Why i7-8750H laptop does not work at 4.1GHz?


The new Performance Standard

While buying laptops, You may have to read reviews that the i7 is in your machine. In the working period, how much speed can your processor perform when used on heavy tasks?
But the LEVEL51 Desktop Processor Laptop Series can use the same CPU as a desktop computer.
Efficiency is more than 80% when compared to other laptops.
And it still performs 10% more than GG (8 Core / 16Thread) *

And provide speed when all cores are working simultaneously,
The processing speed of up to 4.7GHz
Or speed of 1 Core Boost up to 5.0GHz.

This model is the ideal laptop for productions, 3D rendering with VRAY, CAD / CAM work.
Or if you want the fps to pass 300fps in CS: GO. This laptop can perform as well.

Read more: Why is our i7-8750H laptop not running at 4.1GHz?
*Based on VRAY Benchmark from our NXL i9-9900K (Delid, Liquid Pro, Undervolt) compared with Median 7500 scores based on i7-9750H with VRAY CPU Benchmark.

Top Performance, all the time.

Cooling system designed for 100% Load operation all the time.


Max Boost





systemX by LEVEL51

We have developed our own software tailored to the needs of our customers. The software can help maximize the performance of your CPU/GPU, making sure your color profile is always applied with our cloud-based color profile storage and even contain many features for content creator/game streamer.

And don't worry! this software is availble to everyone even though you did not own our products. Learn more about SystemX here:


Upgrade Possibility

You can upgrade yourself (Warranty Info) without voiding any warranty.
It's the laptop for tinkerer, like you.


up to {{(latop.Title) == "SHIZEN" ? 40 : laptop.Attributes.ram * 32}}GB RAM


up to 40GB RAM


with RAID


with RAID


up to 2TB HDD
with RAID

Designed for REAL Work

Can connect with multiple external monitors with multiple ports
Because this is not just a gaming laptop.

Mini DisplayPort (mDP) x2
USB3.1 x2, USB2.0 x1
USB3.1 Type-C x1
Gigabit LAN x1
SD Card Reader

Even better to Play

Thunderbolt, PCIe x4 Speed

Hook up external graphics or accessories with lighthing speed.

Up to {{customizablePoints['gpu1'].items[customizablePoints['gpu1'].items.length - 1].Title}}

If it is playtime, then DOMINATE! with powerful dedicated GPU for "me time" needs.

G-SYNC Internal Monitor

Gets smoother camera panning and no tearing at high frame rates. 

dGPU Mode

Reduce input lag by having internal monitor connected directly to NVIDIA GPU

High Refresh Rate Display

More Pictures in a second - giving you smoother and more fluid gameplay.

PER KEY RGB Keyboard

คีย์บอร์ด Rubber Dome ที่มี Tactile Feedback แบบ Brown Switch
และระบบ Anti-Ghost สามารถกดพร้อมกันได้หลายปุ่ม
เพื่อให้การพิมพ์โค๊ดไม่มีสะดุด หรือจะเล่นเกม ก็แม่นยำกว่า

Ready for Latest Games

Ready for Your Games

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{{fps}} fps
*Low Preset, 1280x720
*High Preset, 1920x1080

Tech. Spec




N960TD, N960TF


The ABS plastic mixed with glitter in the texture to make it look like metal but also strong and light as the same time.

The cover at the back of the screen is aluminum.



16.1 inch


1920x1080 Full HD


Separate Cooling System, 2 Heat Pipes, and 1 Fan for each CPU and GPU.

Desktop CPU is removable, upgradeable.

The H370 chipset does not support settings processing multipliers to be greater than the maximum limit for the CPU, e.g. it cannot be set above 47x for the i7-8700K.

Thermal Design Power (TDP): 65W



Support Microsoft Hybrid Graphics standard, Automatic switch graphics card with Intel HD Graphics 630 on the CPU.

Separate Cooling System: for each 2 Heat Pipes come with 1 Fan.



2 memory sockets (under the laptop)
Support up to 64GB

Maximum speed supported: 2933MHz


M.2 SSD (M.2 2280)

Supports NVMe
Supports SATA

Chassis supports for NVMe SSDs heat spreader.



Supports 2.5 inch SSD or HDD
Supports Thickness: 7mm

Size and Weight

3.0 cm.

37.8 cm.

26.7 cm.

Total weight:
2.7 kg.

Video Output

Can display on 4 monitors difference at the same time

Connected to Intel HD Graphics
Laptop Monitor

Connected to NVIDIA GTX
- 1x HDMI
- 2x Mini DisplayPort (mDP)
Supports G-SYNC Monitor
Supports 4K60

Audio Output

Jack 3.5 mm:
- Headphone
- Microphone

DSP Software:

Sound Blaster Cinema 6


720p HD

There are 2 microphones on top of the screen facing the user, Can cut noise or set the direction of the sound and also record as Stereo.

Connections &

2x USB 3.1 Gen 1
1x USB 2.0
1x USB 3.1 Gen 2 (Type-C)

6-in-1 Card Reader

and Network

การ์ด WiFi แบบ M.2

อยู่บนการ์ด WiFi

Wired Ethernet:

1,000Mbps Gigabit (Realtek)

and Touch Pad

Per Key RGB Backlit Keyboard come with Thai/Eng, can customize color for each key separately and also can set RGB effect on keyboard as well (can choose English only as order)

Anti-Ghost Able to press the keyboard 7 keys simultaneously.

Synaptics, the inventor of the multi-touch touchpad. The touchpad has a soft-touch surface, Not stiff on your fingers like a glass surface touchpad, And a separate left-right keypad.

Battery and Power

Full Range AC adapter (100~240V) 230W

Removable 62Wh Li-ion battery
Use for up to 6 hours.

Operating System

Install Windows ready to use, which can use your key to activate. Activating Windows is supported by keys from Windows 10 Home Retail, Windows 10 Pro Retail, MSDN, DreamSpark.

The driver and the related program have been completely set up If ordering with SSD or HDD.

Limited Warranty and Service

2 years warranty On-Site pickup and delivery for the product free with the condition as follow

Free lifetime service:
- Calibrating screen color
- Dusting service
- Changing the heat-conducting agent
- Reinstalling Windows
- Free labor cost for replacing parts
- Consult issues / ask for usage advice via Facebook

After the expiration of 2 year warranty period, you can submit a claim for RAM, SSD, HDD via LEVEL51 (free of charge except only shipping).

In The Box


User Manual + DVD Driver Disk

Boxes of hardware as your order

Adapter + Power cord

Plug adapter (for the product that the power cord is not the Thailand power cord)

DISCLAIMER: While we try to make sure the information in Tech. Spec to be as accurate as possible, we provide no guarantee that information presented in this section is correct and we will keep updating it as we see fit.

Feel the LEVEL51

You might be wondering why so many people bought from
a "boutique" brands like us.
That is because our customer demands truly high performance laptops
and personalized Super-Car level services
which big companies simply cannot provide.

THB 100,000 Builds
Average Build Price
Most Valuable Build

Our Government and Universities Customers:

Our Video Production, 3D Design, Software House Customers:

Landscape Design

Our Industrial and Construction Customers:




Choose your NXL

Build the laptop of your dream
Dedicate the budget to what you really needs
and even send the parts you already have to us!

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Complete youR ExPerience

Annex Keyboard

With true mechanical blue-switch (Clicky), your every key presses are well-assured. And with 10 keys rollover that is 2 times more than the fingers on your left hand - surely you will never miss any key-press.

The keyboard is slightly angled to reduce strain on your wrist for prolonged use. (reducing RSI) It is perfect companion for gaming or as a dedicated shortcut keys to use with Graphic Tablets

Annex Keyboard {{partsIndex['1168'].CurrentPrice | number:0}} -{{(1 - (partsIndex['1168'].CurrentPrice / partsIndex['1168'].Price)) * 100 | number: 0}}% FREE


You are not a true geek wihout this.

SystemXD works seamlessly with our SystemX software to display your laptop's status in real time (actually it has 1 second delay~) - the screen is custom-made and enclosed in a 3D Printed case. The display is fully customizable with an easy to use Graphical Development tool in Windows - so you can create your own unique design and share with the world.

SystemXD {{partsIndex['9312'].CurrentPrice | number:0}} -{{(1 - (partsIndex['9312'].CurrentPrice / partsIndex['9312'].Price)) * 100 | number: 0}}% FREE

Performance Dock Liquid Cooling Kit

If owning a custom LEVEL51 is not "cool" enough, take the ownership literally to another level with our Liquid Cooling Kit. We will need to cut your laptop open* a bit to access the heatpipes, but your laptop will then gets auxilary cooling from an actual Liquid Cooling Loop (yes - with running water and stuff). The cooling kit stays on your desk and your laptop remains fully portable. Our test shows up to 20% increase in performance in some cases but result may varies.

* For Spectra, the modification is completely internal.

Performance Dock {{partsIndex['9313'].CurrentPrice | number:0}} -{{(1 - (partsIndex['9313'].CurrentPrice / partsIndex['9313'].Price)) * 100 | number: 0}}% FREE

mDP to HDMI Active Adapter 4K 60Hz / 1080p 120Hz

This adapter actively converts DisplayPort signal to HDMI 2.0 - allowing you to use the laptop with 4K TV at 60Hz or 1080p at 120Hz without any chroma subsampling for optimal color accuracy in every pixels. 

Stop hunting for the adapter that really works - because this one does!.

4K60 mDP Male to HDMI Female Cable {{partsIndex['9314'].CurrentPrice | number:0}} -{{(1 - (partsIndex['9314'].CurrentPrice / partsIndex['9314'].Price)) * 100 | number: 0}}% FREE

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