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Annex by LEVEL51

Annex is a keyboard that LEVEL51 designed to please people who use notebooks. both for playing games And especially for use with WACOM pens, we made it ourselves, the first 25 of which, until now, we have sold out of two rounds. Thank you all so much. Let's take a look at its benefits...

If you use a notebook For gaming, this is a mechanical keyboard designed just for you. It can be paired with your favorite notebook without taking up space on your desk. And still get the full experience of a mechanical keyboard. Don't be bothered by the heat when playing games that radiate to the keyboard of your thin notebook. Or worry that your device will have wrist marks anymore.

Mechanical Blue Switch - Tacktile and "Clicks"

feel the press precisely With a true mechanical Blue Switch that produces a "click" sound when the switch operates and transmits your keystroke signal to the computer. with replaceable buttons Allows you to add an O-Ring to adjust the feel of your press to your liking.



Simple, Elegant Design - Aluminum Front Plate

If it is a product from LEVEL51, besides good functionality must also have a distinctive exterior look together with aluminum material made in black matte with polished edges around the edges to add luxury But it's soft to the touch with the Sandblasted Palm Rest. Just like the sandblasted keys, it also differs from other Single Hand Keyboard models in that the key layout and key spacing follow a standard keyboard. So you don't have to practice getting used to it. and at the same time You don't have to adjust your habits. to return to the original keyboard.



Ergonomic Design - with integrated Palm-Rest

outstanding design It would be useless if it couldn't meet the needs of the application. The INKER Annex is designed to be angled slightly. so you can rest your hands naturally with built-in wrist rest Different from normal keyboards or notebook keyboards that you will have to break your wrist to put your finger in the correct position Plus, at just 16 x 26 cm, you can place it where it's most comfortable for you. and comfortably share the desk space with your notebook and mouse.


Per-Key Backlight - with 7 Lighting Effects

Button-by-key* backlit system provides consistent lighting so you can see the letters clearly. And you can adjust up to 7 different lighting effects to brighten up your table. And compatible with your favorite gaming laptop * Backlit color cannot be changed.


Order from Daraz With 1 year warranty
(The displayed price may change according to the current promotion of Daraz) :



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