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Ultrabook Premium by Intel

Aluminum material Formed by CNC method with added durability by Adonized process with touch screen. More powerful with superior cooling system, the i7 CPU can run up to 40W TDP continuously. and two Thunderbolt 4.0 connectors

This is an ultrabook. that may replace your desktop PC

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Height 1.5 cm.
Use on battery for up to 15 hours.

Upgrade Possibility

You can upgrade yourself (Warranty Info) without voiding any warranty.
It's the laptop for tinkerer, like you.


up to 8GB RAM



Designed for REAL Work

Multiple ports with Multiple external monitors
Because this is not just a gaming laptop.

Mini DisplayPort (mDP)
USB3.2 x2
USB2.0 x1
USB3.1 Type-C
Gigabit LAN
SD Card Reader

Tech. Spec



Intel OEM

NUC M15 Laptop Kit


CNC Adonized Aluminum

Unibody Design



15.6 inch


1920x1080 Full HD 60Hz

touch screen


i7-1165G7 (11th Generation)

4 Core/8 Thread

Up to 4.7GHz Boost

50W PL2
40W PL1 continuous use



Intel Iris Xe Graphics



16GB LPDDR4X-4266

Memory expansion is not supported.


M.2 SSD (M.2 2280) x1

support, PCIe 4.0 support



Size and Weight

1.5 cm.

35.5 cm.

23.0 cm.

Gross weight:
1.65 kg.

Video Output

Port from Intel Iris Xe Graphics

Built-in screen
1x HDMI 2.0b (4K60)
2x Thunderbolt 4.0 (Display Port 1.4 over USB-C)

Audio Output

3.5mm jack:
Headphone + microphone (mobile phone cable can be used)

DSP Software:

Sound Blaster Cinema 6


720p HD,
supports Windows Hello

Two on screen facing the user

Connections &

2x USB 3.2 Gen 1
2x Thunderbolt 4.0

Can be charged via USB Type-C, can charge both channels

and Network

Intel Wireless AX201 (802.11ax)

Bluetooth 5.0

Wired Ethernet:


and Touch Pad

English backlit keyboard

Glass-surface clickpad touchpad supports Multi-touch

Battery and Power

USB PD Adapter 65W

Built-in 73Wh battery

Operating System

Windows is installed, ready to use. You can use your own key to activate.

or buy with Windows 10 Pro OEM

Limited Warranty and Service

2 years warranty On-Site pickup and delivery for the product free with the condition as follow

Free lifetime service:
- Calibrating screen color
- Dusting service
- Changing the heat-conducting agent
- Reinstalling Windows
- Free labor cost for replacing parts
- Consult issues / ask for usage advice via Facebook

After the expiration of 2 year warranty period, you can submit a claim for RAM, SSD, HDD via LEVEL51 (free of charge except only shipping).

In The Box


box of equipment all you choose

Adapter + power cable

plug adapter (For the machine that the power cord is not the head of the power cord of Thailand)

DISCLAIMER: While we try to make sure the information in Tech. Spec to be as accurate as possible, we provide no guarantee that information presented in this section is correct and we will keep updating it as we see fit.

Feel the LEVEL51

You might be wondering why so many people bought from
a "boutique" brands like us.
That is because our customer demands truly high performance laptops
and personalized Super-Car level services
which big companies simply cannot provide.

THB 100,000 Builds
Average Build Price
Most Valuable Build

Our Government and Universities Customers:

Our Video Production, 3D Design, Software House Customers:

Landscape Design

Our Industrial and Construction Customers:




Choose your PLEARN

Build the laptop of your dream
Dedicate the budget to what you really needs
and even send the parts you already have to us!

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Complete youR ExPerience

Annex Keyboard

With true mechanical blue-switch (Clicky), your every key presses are well-assured. And with 10 keys rollover that is 2 times more than the fingers on your left hand - surely you will never miss any key-press.

The keyboard is slightly angled to reduce strain on your wrist for prolonged use. (reducing RSI) It is perfect companion for gaming or as a dedicated shortcut keys to use with Graphic Tablets

Annex Keyboard {{partsIndex['1168'].CurrentPrice | number:0}} -{{(1 - (partsIndex['1168'].CurrentPrice / partsIndex['1168'].Price)) * 100 | number: 0}}% FREE


You are not a true geek wihout this.

SystemXD works seamlessly with our SystemX software to display your laptop's status in real time (actually it has 1 second delay~) - the screen is custom-made and enclosed in a 3D Printed case. The display is fully customizable with an easy to use Graphical Development tool in Windows - so you can create your own unique design and share with the world.

SystemXD {{partsIndex['9312'].CurrentPrice | number:0}} -{{(1 - (partsIndex['9312'].CurrentPrice / partsIndex['9312'].Price)) * 100 | number: 0}}% FREE

Performance Dock Liquid Cooling Kit

If owning a custom LEVEL51 is not "cool" enough, take the ownership literally to another level with our Liquid Cooling Kit. We will need to cut your laptop open* a bit to access the heatpipes, but your laptop will then gets auxilary cooling from an actual Liquid Cooling Loop (yes - with running water and stuff). The cooling kit stays on your desk and your laptop remains fully portable. Our test shows up to 20% increase in performance in some cases but result may varies.

* For Spectra, the modification is completely internal.

Performance Dock {{partsIndex['9313'].CurrentPrice | number:0}} -{{(1 - (partsIndex['9313'].CurrentPrice / partsIndex['9313'].Price)) * 100 | number: 0}}% FREE

mDP to HDMI Active Adapter 4K 60Hz / 1080p 120Hz

This adapter actively converts DisplayPort signal to HDMI 2.0 - allowing you to use the laptop with 4K TV at 60Hz or 1080p at 120Hz without any chroma subsampling for optimal color accuracy in every pixels. 

Stop hunting for the adapter that really works - because this one does!.

4K60 mDP Male to HDMI Female Cable {{partsIndex['9314'].CurrentPrice | number:0}} -{{(1 - (partsIndex['9314'].CurrentPrice / partsIndex['9314'].Price)) * 100 | number: 0}}% FREE

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