How to share to get a discount of up to 36,000 let's see.

About LEVEL51 Nepal

LEVEL51 Nepal is a notebook company. that sells notebooks that can be ordered with your own specs We have been in business for over 9 years now. We have been actively selling in Nepal for 5 years now. We have many customers and we know how to make a channel to make a page. It has invested a lot of hard work.

Gold card system

Now LEVEL51 has added a "Gold Card" system to our website. I don't know if you've explored it yet? That is, every time someone clicks on the link, shares the specification and registers for a coupon, the owner of the link will receive a discount of Rs.200, which can be accumulated until it reaches Rs.36,000! is it possible Now the highest statistic that a customer has ever pressed is Rs. 31,037.44. We have just had this system for less than a month, and this system, we still sponsor the channel.
YouTube, Facebook Page, Streamer on Twitch (if the conditions are met) can request to exchange this gold card As a sponsor. You can see details on the Dashboard page.

The process of getting a discount is very easy, just 3 steps.

1) Make a spec and share the spec to your friends by clicking the link.

After pressing the specification to play Scroll down to the bottom, there will be a button that says Share to keep. Press this button (usually it's already pressed) will open a tool to create a share link. You can adjust the background, move the tiny little picture. Just before creating a link to share on facebook Or send to friends via Messenger (if on mobile, it will be a sharing window of mobile phone. You can choose to send to other apps such as LINE, WhatsApp etc).

Update: 16 June.  There will be a channel for Copy Link now.

2) When friends click the link Then log in to receive coupons.

Then if a friend (or anyone) clicks our link That person will also receive a Rs.4,000 discount coupon, which the person who clicks in, just press Login to collect coupons. The system will count as a discount for you immediately Rs.200. That is, if you want a maximum discount of Rs.36,000, you need to find 180 people to press it. It's unique. If you have pressed repeatedly Or have you ever clicked on someone else's link? It Will not count again, so start sharing first, have rights first, hehe

3) Press to create a Golden Voucher discount coupon!

Come to this page SQUAD51 (or My Profile in the menu) to check. How many people have you clicked on the link? And how much is the discount now? And if you are satisfied with the accumulated discount value. Just click to create a coupon.

But every time you create a coupon, next time, the discount will be reduced by 80%. In a nutshell, if only 100 people press the button for the first time, you will receive a Golden Voucher worth Rs.20,000, but the second time you will receive To get the same value of, you just need to have more people to press more and more. That's all.

which discount coupons can be used on the order page? Gold Card Coupon has no minimum limit as well. Can be used with any price device, or if it is a YouTube channel, Twitch, Facebook page that meets the conditions You can request it as a sponsor.

Important: Because we are a company For the money to be paid out, there will be a 5% withholding tax that will be submitted to the Revenue Department.

I hope you have cleared your doubts about our gold card system. Don't forget to collect the discount!!!



We are Nepal's local Laptop Brand which use
the Laptop Chasis from CLEVO - Taiwan.

Our laptops are configurable and designed to be professionally -
If you are looking for Laptop for CAD/CAM/VRAY or Video Editing
or you simply wanted to game 16 hours a day
Look no further!

THB 100,000 Builds
Average Build Price
Most Valuable Build

Our Government and Universities Customers:

Our Video Production, 3D Design, Software House Customers:

Landscape Design

Our Industrial and Construction Customers:


Thank you for reading this far! - Please register to keep this special discount coupon!