Download Windows 11 ISO ไม่ได้ ทำเองก็ได้!

You can create your own ISO without skipping Ads~!

Today is the first day that Microsoft sends a preview build to Windows Insiders. If you want to use Windows 11 today, you can apply to be a Windows Insider and will receive updates from Windows 10 to Windows 11. Give it a try and become a first person to use Windows 11 in Nepal!!

but! If you want to download Windows 11 ISO and install it yourself. Like I don't want to wait for an update Or want to load at once, many stories, or if just a psychopath like me Like to install manually, don't like Update (will take the opportunity to install new programs, delete any junk) Today, I would like to bring you a method to create an ISO for installing Windows yourself by loading directly from the Microsoft Server, without having to rely on middlemen anywhere. obtained ISO It will be an installation file that has already inserted the patch (use DISM to put the patch in install.wim). It is suitable for IT departments that need to deploy OS often like us.

First, go to the UUP dump website.

Go to the URL: now.

This website is a website that can use Gen Script to download patch files of Windows. It is designed to distribute every part into pieces So we can take all those parts. Let's assemble the body and create our own Image (this is what I understand. Let's keep reading~)

On the web page, we can choose the system to create a script for us at all by choosing which build to use. The latest build of Windows 11 as of this writing is 22000.51.and you can see that in the picture there will be Cumulative Update for Windows 11 came out at the same time

We can choose to use the feature Update/Cumulative Update to create an Image for installation The resulting image will have this update already installed. no need to update again after install. It saves a lot of time.

(For this 22000.51, if using Cumulative Update, there will be an error when downloading some files - for now it is recommended to use the ones that are not marked as Cumulative Update.)

After selecting Cumulative/Feature Update, a language will be available. You can choose as you like and press Next.

In the next step, select the edition of Windows to use. do not select all Because if you select multiple scripts, it will need to patch the image for every edition that we choose, which will take as long as the time to patch 1 time multiplied by the number of editions. by Windows WIM system That is, in a single Image file, there can be multiple Images, and it will automatically de-duplicate the duplicate files. But when it will patch it, it has to open the Image one by one to fix it~

2) type the command

After downloading You can extract the files to a drive that is easily accessible, such as D:\, or you can place it on the Desktop as well.

Once done, run the command uup_download_windows.cmd as Administrator or you can open Windows Terminal and run the command yourself.

The Script will be downloaded. And cast some magic for us, as far as I look, it loads an ESD file that is a Windows Update file, and then it comes to assemble the body into a .wim file.

Finally We will get the ISO file in this folder. Can open and copy files inside into NTFS USB Flash Drive, which most machines are not very old. (It came out about 5-6 years ago) it can be seen. and boot immediately without doing anything special or use any program to help

Another way is to follow the steps. that I've been told To install without wasting time Copy this .wim file to a USB Flash Drive at all. Try to follow and read this way. Install Windows 10...from Windows 10 like a Geek

I hope you like it. See you again in the next post 😉



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